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The why of a project

In spite of all, we recall something of the early childhood. A handful of feelings, fantasies, perhaps images. "Tell me a story", "what color is the wind?", "who is the mommy of the moon?". We believe in this small, secret treasure that we carry around, hidden somewhere. And so a little for parents, a lot for children, here is a series of tales that, like a magic pencil, we hope will give one more color for the Drawing of your child.

"One of the clearest effects of the presence of a child in a home is to make complete idiots his good parents that maybe without him would be mere fools." Georges Courteline.

The PlayTime series

Alternate Text Maintaining the paradigm of the printed book and using the touch to turn the pages, the young reader has the chance to take part in the story through his hands. Color drawings, move objects with the coordination of fingers, listen to sounds, compose melodies: the possibilities are endless! PlayTime is an unique reading experience.

The FairyWheel series

Alternate Text Remember the old turntable? The disc turns, you hear the music. The FairyWheel is like an old turntable. There is a spinning disc, but instead of music, a fairy tale surprises you! Full of drawings and music, you can decide the pace and atmosphere of the story. A unique way to tell fairy that surprises and entertains even the youngest.

The MagicReel series

Alternate Text The unfolding of a story. I wish I had a device that wraps stories! The MagicReel does just that. A fishing reel that contains a rich world. In its coil there are extravagant characters ready to pop out to tell their adventures. Your finger will decide the plot twists and the passage of time. Ideal for small beasts with sleepless nights ...

The Learn & Grow series

Alternate Text A white sheet. Every fantasy is possible. Each road is your road. It's up to us to decide where and how. Perhaps it is important to leave room. Perhaps re-invent and re-use everyday objects that otherwise we throw away, teaches us something. A series of stories to educate for sustainability.