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  • Crazy Socks!

    A piece of cardboard, scissors, a pair of old socks and here's a puppet!

  • The RollSaurians!

    Strange and funny beings with a strong desire to play! Just a roll of toilet paper and...

Small Tales

The donkey in the meadow see a harp. With the nail play the strings. "What a beautiful thing!" say the donkey, "There are divine melodies in my head but I'm not a musician and learn is too hard!" So he went away and lost a dream.

- Fedro, Blu Mu

Welcome to BluMu!

Blu Mu is Your magic touch! A new series of tales for children aged two to six years. The stories come to life under your fingers and you can color, play, move, listen. Learn is the most funny thing!

An Abracadabra, a magic wand in your pocket to deal with the difficult but exciting days of Parent..

News & Upcoming Releases

icon1 Turn the disc and one story will appear! A unique way to tell fairy that surprises and entertains even the youngest. Full of drawings and music!

An old Reel...

icon1 Unroll the wire! In a moment you'll be in the distant place of imagination! Your finger will decide the plot twists and the passage of time. Ideal for small beasts with sleepless nights ...

The Flying HedgeHog!

icon1 Have a hedgehog as a friend is very lucky! A collection of stories with strange and funny characters. The Flying HedgeHog free the young reader's imagination.

Learn & Grow

icon1 A series of stories that follows the theme of environmental sustainability. To educate playing. To reinvent things that every day we throw away.