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A touch to discover!

Each page contains multiple elements that interact with the young reader. Just to present some of the possibilities, the images respond to the touch and the story's elements can interactively be tilted or shaked. This allows unexpected surprises with each new reading of the story, making a journey of discovery. For a more fun and effective learning we have chosen to illuminate the text in sync with the narration.

Each PlayTime story has three possibility of narration for a complete and fun learning experience.

Read It Myself

Alternate TextThe audio reading is activated by the touch above the text of the story. The progress of the pages is done manually through the touch screen.

Read to Me

Alternate Text The audio reading is automatically activated every new page. The progress of the story is done manually through the touch screen.


Alternate Text The audio reading and the progress of the story takes place automatically. To go out and stop running, press the main menu.


Alternate Text To better focus on reading has been included the ability to stop the execution of the background music.